Are you searching recently released Free PSD UI kits for your web design project. Are you tired of using those old design PSD UI kits again and again ? If I am true, then this roundup can put a smile on your face. Below you will find more than 30 best Free PSD UI kits for totally free.
We’ve all interacted with an app walkthrough at some point or another. Heck, some of us designed them.In this post, I have gathered a few tips for you by observing current apps to see what they do with their app walkthroughs and what we can learn from them.
So you’ve been working as a designer for the past few years. You’re good at it. You’re successful. Maybe even really successful. You’ve had big-name clients, your name is out there, and you’re being sought out by agencies and clients.In other words, you’ve made it. You’ve achieved what a lot of designers only dream of.Or maybe you’re still trying to get your name out there, after investing years into honing your skills and your résumé.
Inspired by a talk he gave at his local college, web/user interface designer Dan Edwards compiled a list of books, apps and websites that would be a great guide for the students. It was when he posted that list of 80 items to Medium that he discovered not only did people value it as a resource, but also as something to be part of, and to contribute to (at launch, the article had over 50,000 visits and over 800 recommendations).
The term white space is sometimes used interchangeably with negative space, and the concept is the same. Though the term refers to “white” space in particular, the area in question does not have to be white at all. It’s just the empty space around the elements of a webpage layout.
Unless you’ve been abstaining from social media this week, it can hardly have escaped your notice that Airbnb, the global accommodation finder, has undergone a rebrand, included a brand new logo.The official name for the logo mark is Bélo, and they’d like it to become “the universal symbol for belonging”. It’s an appealing notion, even if the cynic in me realizes that Nike would like their tick to become the universal symbol for running, and Apple would like their fruit to become the universal symbol for the Internet.
We all love flat design, but ‘flat’ doesn’t have to mean boring! If you’d like to enhance your projects with some of the coolest repeating patterns around then look no further, because our friends at have provided 100 of them, absolutely free of charge, for WebdesignerDepot readers to download.The collection provides the patterns in .ai, .eps, and .jpg formats, and the vector formats are fully editable. What’s even better is that they’re all free for personal and commercial use, all you have to do is credit
Today we continue our monthly series of the very best free resources for web designers with a collection that includes cool scripts, awesome fonts, great ideas, and must-see experiments.If this collection is anything to go by, July is shaping up to be a fantastic month. Whether you’re a designer, developer, or enthusiast we’re sure you’ll find something here to feed into your next project.
Toyota is well-known as the most efficient organization on the planet outside of the human body, and one of their philosophies is to avoid documentation. Instead of making a “process” for when someone on the assembly line needs more bolts, they simply have 5 bins of bolts on their shelf and when one is empty they move it off the shelf and someone comes by every hour and refills all the shelves from the back. There’s no need to document anything, the process does it for you.
If you have been designing for the Web at all over the past decade you are undoubtedly familiar with the CSS float property. Since the industry (thankfully) adopted the principle of tableless layouts, floats have been the weapon of choice most of us use to lay out our web pages, but is it the best choice?
Recently I’ve become increasingly frustrated with the current toolset and accepted practices for creating UI and UX ‘deliverables’.These tools are reductive, limiting the design to a series of static ‘states’, rather than communicating the rich, dynamic, immersive experience that we hope to build.Animations and transitions seem to me to be where the essence of UI design now lies, as we move to more spatial design patterns.
A beautiful pack of 36 free vector beauty icons available in Illustrator AI format, Photoshop PSD and EPS file formats. Free to download and use in your projects.
Street art is usually frowned upon by the elderly, the conservatives; street art is meant to disrupt its environment, bring something new and eye-catching. The best artwork, because yes, it is artwork, withstand the test of time, and it is truly a pleasure to see that it reoccurs from generation to generation. It is quite interesting to see how it evolves through time. And more interesting is to see how an artists imagination works. We decided to hand pick some of the greatest street art there is.
In today’s collection we’ve found 30 Weird and Creative Drinking Glasses, Mugs and Cups. Some of these weird drinking glasses are very unique and interesting, you might like to try them yourself! Scroll down and see which Weird and Creative Drinking Glasses you’d have in your home.
For web developers, cheat sheets and resources can be handy to have when developing WordPress Themes and Plugins. If you're looking for some useful WordPress Cheat Sheets and Resources, you'll love this collection of 26+ Useful WordPress Cheat Sheets & Resources. At times when creating a wordpress theme or plugin, wordpress cheat sheets can be a quick resource to have when you're short of time, these cheat sheets will help answer any code problems you have.