Recent years have witnessed notable advancements in mobile operating systems. Android is one such mobile platform that has been successful in becoming the number one choice of smartphone users residing in different corners of the world. Moreover, this software platform offers a collection of quality applications that aid designers in undertaking and completing different types of web designing projects.
Developing a CSS layout can take a lot of time and energy, especially if you are working on a big project. Thankfully, there are some things that you can do to make this process easier and less tedious. One of the best solutions to your CSS coding troubles is to use one of the many free & helpful CSS generators and tools that can be found across the Internet.

65 Free Weather Icons

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A free pack of 65 Weather Icons in vector eps format created by Ema Dimitrova.
Motion graphics are flat out neat. They’re what dazzles our eyes at the beginning of movies and during commercials. They’re what takes stagnant illustrations and makes them great animations. Even little pieces of motion graphics are implemented in video productions as well. There’s no other way to say it—motion graphics are cool.
Imagine if you could simply add a basic Question and Answer feature to your website, allowing your readers to not only ask questions, but answer them as well! With the WP-Answers Plugin for WordPress, that's exactly what you can do! Simple to install, you'll instantly increase the interaction on your site, as well as increase your site stickiness. You can even pre-load the section with content from Yahoo Answers to help kick things off before your community takes on a life of its own. The only real question left for you is why wouldn't you jump on this Mighty Deal, especially when you can sna
Google+ Hangouts have been at the heart of some of the hottest video conferencing technologies since it first debuted as part of Google+ several years ago. The Hangouts’ technology creates a dynamic place to engage your social network through video, chat, and other applications. Let’s uncover how to use this unique video conferencing system from Google as an attendee, and as a host.
It’s really easy to find yourself wondering how your CSS got to be such a mess. Sometimes it’s the result of sloppy coding from the start, sometimes it’s because of multiple hacks and changes over time.
Whatever the case may be, I guess there are some things you are unaware of or doing wrong. Here are some few tips to help you write a clean, easy-to-edit and validated CSS codes.
Today’s freebie is a funny poster. Feel free to use it in commercial and non-commercial projects, personal websites and printed work, as long as it’s a part of a larger design. Please do not sell it, redistribute it yourself, claim it as your own or give it as a bonus item to boost sales for your own products. Download it now!
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4,500 Vector Icons! 299 Professional Illustrations! 95 Icons and Images in 3D! Fully Responsive Screen Mockup!
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What makes an infographic successful? As designers, we want it to achieve a balance of two main things: Did the reader get the message we wanted them to get? Was the message memorable? Doctoral student Michelle Borkinworked with collaborators to collect, analyze and present 2,070 single-panel visualizations from a range of publications and websites.
He is best known for his works in The Magic Thief series and the Percy Jackson series, making illustration in both the traditional and digital form. Although not and exclusively steampunk artist, we will be focusing on his marvelous steampunk illustrations, of which there are quite a few.
Next we will be showing you miscellaneous drawings from Johannes’ DeviantArt profile. Here we will be seeing more fantasy illustrations, some in which you can see how his early passion for manga has inspired him, and also some more dystopian, sci-fi and realistic work, to see just how well he seamlessly switches from one genre to the other.
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Golden is a free one page agency psd theme that has a great portfolio, timeline, and meet your team sections. Download your free copy today.
Joomla is an award-winning content management system, which helps you build your website and potent online applications. Characteristics like easy use and extensibility has made joomla one of the most well-liked website software available. And to add to its benefits, it’s open source software which is freely available to everyone.